Monday, May 11, 2009

Has it ever snowed in june,july,august in the uk or usa?

has there ever been a record of it snowing in the uk or the usa

in one of these months.

Has it ever snowed in june,july,august in the uk or usa?
it snowed on 7th june in th UK one year,i remember cos its my birthday :)
Reply:Yes, Scotland and USA can both have snow in summer months.
Reply:in 1975 it snowed on 1st june in th south east of the uk
Reply:It snowed in June a few years ago in the UK (England).
Reply:I remember it snowing in may,
Reply:Yes it is known in the UK, occasionally cricket matches have to be called of. It tends to be hail storms rather than nice soft snow though
Reply:it snows year round on high mountains.
Reply:Yes it has snowed in the UK in the summer in the past. It has nothing to do with global warming or anything like that, it's just a rare combination of weather patterns. It's not very common though.

To find out more, contact your countries weather office and they will give you more details. In the UK, our weather office website is, . If you e-mail them, after a short time they will get back to you.
Reply:Yes, during the summerless year in 1816 during the little Ice Age. It snowed off and on all summer all accross the USA and Europe. Way before my time, though.
Reply:Usually the chances for snow diminish dramatically after June and most of the time in May. Areas that can get snow are usually mountainess regions.
Reply:Didn't you read the news? It snowed in Montana a few days ago.

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